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Visibly foreign visitors remain a rarity in many parts of Japan outside of major cities, and you will likely encounter moments when entering a shop causes the staff to seemingly panic and scurry off into the back. Don 't take this as racism or other xenophobia: they 're just afraid that you 'll try to address them in English and they 'll . Sankei in Japanese. The most famous list of them all, attributed to scholar Hayashi Razan back in 1643. * Amanohashidate, Kyoto * Matsushima, Miyagi * Miyajima, Hiroshima..The number one place in Japan to view cherry blossoms however, is undisputably Yoshino, with over 30000 cherry trees and a long history of cherry blossom viewing..The top worries of a Japanese driver when they see a hitchhiking gaijin are: Can they communicate? Do they know how to behave? The quick way to answer those questions is with a sign: Nihongo dekimasu! , literally "Japanese can!", is just six characters and works like a charm. And you don 't really need .

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