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Common Dental Health Misconceptions: Myths and Facts

The general attitude of many people to dental health is actually straightforward—floss and brush at least twice daily and visit trust dental clinics like 1728 Dental’s Tampines Dental Clinic in case any dental issues arise.

Unfortunately, not many people realise that while visiting trusted dental clinics like 1728 Dental’s Tampines Dental Clinic and brushing and flossing twice daily is essential, they won’t be enough to keep the teeth healthy for life.

Visiting the dentist only when dental issues arise is not only a common mistake many people commit, it is also one of the most common misconceptions people have when it comes to proper dental care. Below are other common dental health myths and the truths behind them:

Baby teeth does not need checking

tampines dental clinic
Closeup view on open mouth of baby. First teeth growing.

Without doubt, this is one of the most harmful dental misconceptions people have. The idea that children won’t need dental check ups since the teeth will be replaced anyway is nothing less than inaccurate. If anything, any dental issues that are not detected or addressed early might lead to complications that will require costly interventions later on.

While structure damage to a baby’s teeth is technically temporary, it is still ideal not to let the child suffer from any teeth infection or cavity. For starters, tooth decay can be very painful. In addition, it might also lead to decay and damage which can affect the gums, something that can’t be replaced.

As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended that babies visit trusted dental clinics and make checkups and visits routine. In most cases, dentists will just perform a quick examination to assess if everything is as it should be. The bottom line is it is recommended to instill awesome dental and oral habits at an early age.

Bleeding gums are not a cause for concern

tampines dental clinic

This is another common misconception. Just because bleeding gums or gingivitis is prevalent, it does not mean it is harmless and can be left untreated. In some instances, bleeding gums can be a symptom of something else such as degenerative tooth loss and other underlying infections.

If you notice gum bleeding, seeing your dentist immediately is recommended. The good news is given that no permanent damage has occurred yet, gingivitis can be treated easily. While often not painful, gingivitis can lead to tenderness, soreness, and pain in the mouth when left untreated.

Teeth whitening is harmful for the teeth

tampines dental clinic

Many people perceive teeth whitening as harmful for the teeth. However, if anything, there are no clear evidence that supports this claim. Most likely, this misconception stemmed from the temporary sensitivity people experience after the procedure.

In most cases however, the sensitivity will last only a few hours the most. In addition, you can easily prevent the sensitivity from getting worse by avoiding very cold or very hot foods and beverages for the time being. If sensitivity lasts for a day or more, visiting the dentist right away is deemed ideal and is often recommended.

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